This newly built villa is a promotion of Asencio Homes, while the execution of the project was carried out by Antonio Manuel Pacheco. Below, we describe the most significant materials that have been provided by Consydecor.

Foto 1 The house has a paved perimeter and a large gravel area where you can park your vehicles.

Foto 02 The flooring that surrounds the house is the same that is used around the pool, for which reason we have chosen to use the anti-slip version of the 60 x 60 SPARTIA BLANCO flooring from the ECOCERAMIC brand.
Foto 03 On the opposite façade to the entrance is the swimming pool, which is accessed from a porch that is shaded during the hottest hours. The pool has been covered using a tile from the ONIX brand in different shades of black.

Foto 04

The 2 bathrooms in the house are practically the same. In them, the SPARTIA BLANCO flooring from the ECOCERAMIC house has been used, in its normal version. For the walls, a combination of the NEOLITICK MOON 31.6 X 100 and NEOLITICK MOON SENSE 31.6 X 100 coverings, both from the COLORKER brand, have been used.

Foto 05

In the shower area, the already mentioned 31.6 x 100 NEOLITICK MOON wall tile by COLORKER has been placed, matching the rest of the bathroom.

The shower tray is from the ABISEL brand, and is made of resin and fiberglass, simulating a slate texture.

For the shower screen, we have chosen to do it brickwork, finishing off the edges with chrome profiles.

Foto 06 In the service toilet, the same decoration materials as the rest of the house have been maintained, complementing it with a cabinet for the sink and a toilet.

Foto 07 In the bedrooms, the same flooring has been maintained as in the rest of the house, with the particularity of putting a skirting board, which has been made by cutting pieces of the flooring itself.