This reform project affected different parts of the house, which allowed our client to give different approaches to each of the areas.

Exterior facade cladding

Fachada 01

This image shows a global view of one of the facades to highlight the scope of this part of the reform.

Fachada 02

In this most intimate corner, you can appreciate the differences that appear depending on the light or shadow that falls on the façade. The exterior cladding selected for most of the façade has been TABARCA ARENA from the NEXO brand.

Fachada 03

Apart from the TABARCA ARENA cladding used on most of the façade, the CELLER COGNAC cladding by KERATILE has also been used as a finish on the upper part of it.

Cuarto de baño común

Baño 04

For the walls of the communal bathroom, the AINHOA IVORY wall tile by CRISTACER was selected. Here we see how it integrates into the sink area.

Baño 06

The flooring chosen for this bathroom was the HP-3132 model from ESTILKER. An original option in warm tones.

Baño 07

As we can see in this photo, the flooring reaches the interior of the shower, becoming, in fact, a shower tray with a drain grate that is fully integrated into the decoration of the flooring.

Baño 08

Here we see a global picture of the whole set. It is also worth noting the use of lighting as part of the decoration.

Cuarto de baño del dormitorio

Baño 09

In this other bathroom, Consydecor provided the gray pavés from the BASIC line of the SEVES GLASS BLOCK brand used to make the partition wall for the shower. A solution that avoids using a completely closed screen.

Baño 10

The width of this pavés wall allows the top of it to be used as an auxiliary shelf.

Baño 11

The cladding chosen for the wall in front of the shower area was the PORTLAND model from the NORDLAND series of the MAINZU brand. The illuminated shelf in the center of the wall adds a special touch to the room.