The construction of this new construction villa was carried out by Balduino Quirós. Consydecor provided the vast majority of the entire work (structure and finishes), although here we show you the most significant details.

Foto 1 In this overview we can see that the work consists of the chalet itself, a paved outdoor area and a pool.

Foto 02 The coating that can be seen on part of the exterior facade and on the plinth of the exterior pavement is QUARTZ OXIDE from the CRISTACER brand. Both the exterior and interior flooring were made with the LONDON GRAY model from the NEW TILES brand.

Foto 03 In this other exterior view, we can see the materials mentioned above, as well as part of the pool hole.

Foto 04 In this view of the pool we can see that the entire interior has been lined with the MAGMA NATURAL tile from the 73 SEVEN brand.

Foto 05 In the shower area, the MALDEN RLV NOCE cladding has been installed, and the rest of the walls have been fitted with BENNET PERLA, both from the GEOTILES brand. The shower floor is a natural travertine stone mesh from the EL ESTAQUERO brand. The fixed glass partition is from the GLASSINOX brand.

Foto 06 The flooring in this room, as in the rest of the house, is the LONDON GRAY model from the NEW TILES brand. The skirting board shown in the photograph has been made with part of this same pavement.