The reform of this bathroom was carried out by Juan Carlos Torrecillas, using the materials provided by Consydecor. On this occasion, we have the possibility of having photos of before and after the reform.

Foto 1 This is the old wash basin area, where we can see a mirror, a cabinet under the wash basin and the wash basin itself with a mixer tap.

Foto 2 This is the old area corresponding to the toilet and bidet. It was decided that the bidet would be removed in the reform.

Foto 3 In the shower area, the elements to be replaced are: the screen, the shower tray and the shower set.

Foto 4

The coating chosen for all the bathroom walls has been the LAYERS BONE model from the EL MOLINO brand.

The flooring used throughout the bathroom is from the PRACTIKA brand, specifically the URBION model.

The sink cabinet has been replaced by one from the DUPLACH brand, ETNA model with sink and rectangular mirror with anti-fog led.

The basin faucet consists of a single-lever faucet from the HANSGROHE brand.

Foto 5

In this other area of the bathroom, the toilet that was installed before the reform has been maintained, and the bidet that was next to it has been removed.

The shower screen has been changed to the ORI-FRO model from the GLASSINOX brand.

A larger shower tray than the previous one has been placed, from the ABISEL brand.

The new shower set that has been installed is the FORMENTERA model of the AQUASSENT brand.

With this video we can take a general look at the bathroom. In this way we can appreciate how more free space has been gained and what is the resulting environment at the end of the work.