This project was carried out in the Pinoso area and was managed by Asencio Homes, a real estate agency located in Aspe, and José David Santamónica as architect.


Foto 01

This is an exterior view of the house with which we can get a general idea of the project.

Consydecor provided part of the materials that were installed in the two toilets of the house.

Foto 03

Toilet 1

The walls of this bathroom were covered with CAMELOT WHITE cladding from the CASAINFINITA brand.

The toilet that has been installed in this bathroom is of the AQUORE brand, specifically the RHODAS COMPACT model (with a rimless flushing system and cushioned fall of the lid).

Foto 04

Toilet 1

In the same bathroom, a set of bathroom furniture from the firm BAÑOS BY GAMBIN has been chosen. In this case, the selected model has been the MODENA model, in HORMIGON colour.

The faucet that completes it corresponds to the HANSGROHE brand, and the installed model is the MONOMANDO LOGIS 100.

Foto 05

Toilet 1

The wall corresponding to the shower area has been fitted with the CAMELOT CONCEPT WHITE wall tile from the firm CASAINFINITA, which combines very well with the rest of the walls.

A resin shower tray with a slate texture has been installed. It is the ARENA model of the RESIPLAT brand.

The shower screen is the transparent version of the REYES RS-300 model, manufactured by BAÑOS BY GAMBIN.

The bathroom is completed with a thermostatic shower set from the firm AQUASSENT. In this case it is the IRIS model.

Foto 06

Toilet 2

In the second of the toilets, the same MODENA model from BAÑOS BY GAMBIN has been placed as bathroom furniture. In this case, the color NEBRASKA GRAY has been chosen.

The toilet equipped in this bathroom is the same as in Toilet 1, that is, the AQUORE RHODAS COMPACT with a rimless flush system and cushioned lid fall.

The decoration of the walls has been made using the AINHOA IVORY cladding from the CRISTACER brand.

The sink faucet is the MONOMANDO LOGIS 100 model, from the HANSGROHE brand.

Foto 07

Toilet 2

In the shower area of this second toilet, the AINHOA LINEAL TAUPE wall tile from the CRISTACER brand has been installed.

The partition of this toilet is the same as that of the other toilet, that is, the REYES RS-300 model of the BAÑOS BY GAMBIN brand.

The shower tray is also the same as in the previous bathroom, from the RESIPLAT brand, but in this case it is the CREMA model.

Finally, the bathroom has also been equipped with the same shower set as the previous bathroom, the IRIS thermostatic model from the firm AQUASSENT.