Shipment of the goods

Currently the area of goods distribution by CONSYDECOR S.L. covers the provinces of Murcia and Alicante. For shipments outside this area, the customer must contact Consydecor by phone, email or the Customer Service form on this same website.

As a general rule, goods are shipped within 3 business days of receipt of payment. In any case, as soon as Consydecor has proof of payment of the order, it will proceed to assign the appropriate vehicle to carry the shipment, based on the weight of the order and the availability of the appropriate vehicle.

In the event that an order includes materials that must be supplied by one of our suppliers (orders on demand), the delivery time will be set by the supplier. In any case, the customer will be notified of the new delivery conditions to confirm the order.

In the event that the order includes goods that are not in stock at the time of shipment preparation, the customer will be notified of the new estimated delivery time of the shipment.

As soon as the order is ready to be sent, the customer will be contacted by phone, in order to set a delivery time and confirm the delivery point.

No shipment will be initiated without prior telephone confirmation.

Unloading the goods

The transported goods will be unloaded at the location designated by the customer whenever possible. In the event that the unloading cannot be carried out in the indicated place, said unloading will be carried out at the foot of the truck. As the person responsible for the transported materials, the staff of CONSYDECOR S.L. reserves the right to download said materials safely at all times.

Once the materials have been delivered or downloaded, the responsibility for the integrity or storage of said materials will rest with the customer.

It will be the responsibility of the client to request the authorizations that are necessary to carry out the unload of materials by CONSYDECOR S.L.

CONSYDECOR S.L. in no case will it be responsible for any sanction or fine that may arise from unloading materials for a client who has not requested the proper authorizations.