Our company

Striving to reach the top.

Consydecor is a family business that started in 1992. Since then, it has maintained that spirit by adapting to new times and its customers.
We are passionate about the world of construction, that is why we try to keep up to date by visiting exhibitions and events to bring the news to our clients.
We are also interested in the results obtained by our clients, so we like them to tell us the results of their reforms and projects. This knowledge enriches us when it comes to advising the use of some or other materials in the work of other clients.
We firmly believe that a company should be more than just a business, especially in difficult times. For this reason, Consydecor is involved in the social life of its environment through the following actions:

In addition, we occasionally collaborate with local social, cultural and sports associations.

Our team


People. The engine of all companies and ours as well. Fortunately we have a team that combines experience and enthusiasm. The experiences contributed by our workers enrich our daily work and communication with our clients and suppliers.

Our customers

We count on you.

Basically, our clients can be classified into two different groups: private clients and professional clients. It is clear that care and treatment must be differentiated to meet different needs, but in both cases our intention is to make every effort to adapt to these different needs.
Consydecor collects the knowledge of the techniques and solutions applied by our professional clients to transmit them to private clients in similar situations.
Reciprocally, our private clients show us their degree of satisfaction with the solutions they have applied in their environment. Thus, our professional clients will be more aware of what their final client may like the most.