We visited a small country house in Aspe, which combines traditional decoration with modern details such as integrating a couple of pine trees into the decoration of the interior of the house.

Foto 0

The exterior view of the house already tells us that it is a house completely integrated into the pine forest that surrounds it. For the base of the façade, the  IRREGULAR STONE MACAEL BLANCA has been used.

Foto 01

This image shows a global view of the main room of the house, which functions as a dining room, kitchen and distributor to the rooms. The flooring chosen for the entire house is RIMINI from the AZULIBER brand.

Fachada 02

In this corner we see the decoration of the kitchen. DANUBIO cladding from the CRISTACER brand has been used on the walls. This same coating has been used to make some shelves.

Foto 03

Taking advantage of the fact that the extractor hood was built, the same DANUBIO cladding was used to integrate it with the decoration of the walls of the rest of the kitchen.

Foto 04 In this detail of the kitchen, it can be seen that the countertops are lined with the same tiles used on the floor, specifically the RIMINI flooring from the AZULIBER brand.
Foto 05

On the sides of the dining area, two of the pine trees that surround the house have been integrated into the decoration. The stone used in the interior masonry in this area of the house is made with IRREGULAR STONE MACAEL BLANCA.

Foto 10

On one of the sides of the living room, whose wall is decorated with IRREGULAR STONE MACAEL BLANCA, a plinth has been made combining the same stone, with the RIMINI OLIVO flooring from the AZULIBER brand that has been used throughout the house.

Foto 11

In the shower area of the main bedroom, BISSEL BLANCO BRILLO WALL TILE has been used. The chosen screen is from the BAÑOS by GAMBIN brand, specifically the REYES RS-300 model. And the original basin is the IRTA model of the MOSAVIT brand.