This project consisted of the reform of the guest house in a villa in Aspe. The reform affected the interior and exterior of this guest house.

Foto 1

Outside the house we can see this beautiful pergola made of wood, whose floor is the MISURI model of the CRISTACER brand.

Foto 3

The MISURI paving of the pergola extends along the entire side where there is a service area with a sink. On that wall of the sink, the ICE BLANCO MATE coating, from the KERATILE brand, has been placed, which combines perfectly with the area of the white masonry planters.

Foto 4

In that same area, we can see that there is an auxiliary shelf topped with the same pavement, which serves as decoration.

Foto 2

The same MISURI pavement has also been used in this other pergola.

Foto 5

Inside the house, the FORCAL PAJA 33 X 33 model from the KERATILE brand has been used as flooring. This flooring provides a rustic atmosphere to the whole house.

Foto 6

The kitchen area is framed by the original SONORA GRAFITTI ORNAMENT 44 X 120 wall tile from the APARICI brand.

Foto 7

A remainder of the SONORA GRAFITTI ORNAMENT 44 X 120 wall tile has been used as a decorative detail for one of the rooms.

Foto 8

In the bathroom we have chosen to put a shower tray made of resin, simulating slate.

The flooring in the rest of the bathroom is the same as that used in some outdoor areas, that is, the MISURI model from the CRISTACER brand.