Finishing gypsum
  • Finishing gypsum

Finishing gypsum

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Gypsum-based finishing render for interiors. It can be used as a fine finishing plaster to whitewash interior walls.



ZP 149 is used as a smoothing material on interior plasters based on lime and plaster to create smooth surfaces. It can also be used for smoothing over well-cured lime and cement-based renders. In damp rooms, the use of ZP 149 should be avoided.

Background preparation

The surface must be dry and free of dust, dirt, saline efflorescence, etc. Any traces of oils, greases, waxes, etc. must be previously removed. For the application of ZP 149, the rendering must be smoothed or uniformed using products such as IG 21 or S 605, which must be sufficiently cured.

Material preparation

Pour the product into the corresponding amount of clean water (indicated in the Technical Data) and mix by hand or with a mechanical stirrer until obtaining a homogeneous mixture without lumps. The mixture is applied with a metal spatula, with horizontal and vertical strokes. To apply the second coat it is necessary that the first coat is not completely dry. The total application thickness must not exceed 3 mm. After being mixed with water, the mortar must be applied before the workability time indicated in the table has elapsed. The start of hardening depends on the environmental conditions and the absorption power of the support.

Technical data

Specific gravity of the powder approx. 750kg/m³
Recommended application thickness Up to 3 mm
Granulometry < 0.1 mm
Mixing water approx. 68%
Yield approx. 0.9 kg/m² with a thickness of 1 mm
Negligible shrinkage for applications under normal conditions
Density of the hardened mortar approx. 1,000kg/m³
Compressive strength at 28 days (EN 13279-2) ≥ 2 N/mm²
Flexural strength at 28 days (EN 13279-2) ≥ 1 N/mm²
Workability time approx. 90 minutes
Setting time approx. 2.5 hours
Conforms to Standard EN 13279-1 C6-20-2

The aforementioned yields are obtained by mixing the product with 68% water in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity (20±1 °C and 60±5% R.H.).


Special bags with moisture protection of approx. 20 kg


Data sheet

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Bag of 20 kg

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Data sheet

Data sheet

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