The work that we show you below was made by Juan Carlos Torrecillas. It consists of making the exterior pavement of a chalet in the Hondón de las Nieves area.

Foto 1 The exterior flooring of the house is divided into two parts: the first, closest to the house, is made with porcelain flooring, and the second, with a more rustic appearance, is made with prefabricated concrete pavers.

Foto 02 As you can see in this photograph, the ACUARIO porcelain flooring from the MYTHAGE brand extends from the outside to the porch area under part of the house.
Foto 03 In a corner of that same porch we can appreciate the attention to detail that the bricklayers had when laying the pavement.

Foto 04

Again on the outside, the same flooring has been used to cover these steps, as well as to make the skirting board that frames the junction between the flooring and the exterior walls of the house.

Foto 05 As we have already mentioned before, the area furthest from the chalet has a pavement made of cobblestones. This area is where vehicles access and is subject to heavier traffic.