C2TES1 FERBALCA flexible adhesive cement

VAT included

Mixed luminous adhesive for placement of ceramics of low absorption in interiors and exteriors.



- Cementitious adhesive according to the UNE EN 12004 standard as C2 TE S1.
- Cement bonding agent of mixed binders, equipped with flexibility and high adhesion, with reduced slip and extended open time.
- Recommended for installation of facades, large-format ceramics, heavy-traffic flooring, flooring over radiant heating, swimming pool lining, laying on plasterboard, placing in cold storage rooms and laying of new pavement over existing flooring.
- Adhesion of all kinds of ceramic pieces, marble, granite and natural stone.


- Conventional supports, plasters and cement mortar floors.
- Suitable for laying on plasterboard partitions.
- Indoor and outdoor ceramic flooring.
- The supports will be resistant, stable, they must have adequate flatness and be clean, free of dust, remains of release agents, etc.
- Do not apply on plaster or paint.
- If the support is very porous, very absorbent or in hot weather, moisten the support and wait for the water film to disappear before applying the product.

How to aply the product

- Add water and mix manually or mechanically until a homogeneous and workable consistency.
- Let stand for 5 minutes and then re-knead until a consistent and homogeneous mixture is obtained, ready to work.
- Spread the product on the support in panels not exceeding 2 m2, combing with the notched trowel to regulate the thickness. In case of double gluing, also spread on the back of the piece.
- Place the pieces on the fresh product, pressing them until complete contact is achieved on the entire surface, flattening the grooves.
- In the case of formation of a superficial film, it should be combed again or removed and the product applied again. The adhesive must not be moistened.
- For the grouting of the tiling, wait 24 hours and 48 hours on the floors.
- Leave a joint of at least 2 mm indoors and 5 mm outdoors. Respect perimeter and structural joints. In interior pavements, leave partition joints every 50 m2 and 30 m2 in exteriors.

Precautions and recommendations

- Do not apply when there is a risk of frost or rainy weather, or with temperatures below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
- In extreme weather conditions (wind and high temperatures) it dries faster than normal, causing a reduction in the open application time.
- Check the stickiness of the paste by periodically lifting a tile placed and observing that it is well adhered.
- Do not apply on supports with more than 3% humidity.
- Maximum weight of tiles on vertical walls: 40 kg/m2
-In facades and exterior cladding, the placement of the material will always be done with anchoring or mechanical fixing when any of the following conditions are met: format greater than 2400 cm2, one side of the piece measures more than 60 cm, weight greater than 40 kg/ m2 or height greater than 3 meters.
- In radiant heating floors, this must be turned off at least 48 hours before and the ignition must be done gradually after at least 7 days from the installation of the flooring and grouting. - In applications on plasterboard partitions, check that the support is well fixed to prevent movement.
- For plaster supports, use FERBALCA SUPER ESPECIAL YESO or FERBALCA PORCELANICO FLEXIBLE YESO, avoiding dead plaster and weak plaster.
- The pool can be filled after 7 days of applying the adhesive.
- The watertightness of the pool must be ensured by the construction of the pool itself.
- For pieces reinforced with fiberglass mesh glued on the back, consult the technical department.
- Never apply with the technique known as "dotted or sticky".


From 4 to 5 kg/m2 aprox. Simple gluing.
From 7 to 8 kg/m2 aprox. Double glue.


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Data sheet

Data sheet

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