Dry mortar 7,5
  • Dry mortar 7,5

Dry mortar 7,5

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Dry mortar for traditional masonry works, with great ease of installation (excellent workability), great plasticity and high performance.
It is a product indicated for executing plastering and covering of brick walls and block walls .
Likewise, it is an ideal product to carry out the lifting of brick walls and block walls, both concrete blocks and fired clay blocks.
It is also a suitable product for fillings and screeds that require very good resistances.



Prepared dry mortar to which you just have to add water and knead it to use it.

Physical and chemical properties

Composition: Hydraulic conglomerates, sand <2.0mm and="" additives="" br=""> Compressive strength: ≥ 7.5 N / mm²
Shear strength: ≥ 0.15 N / mm²
Vapor permeability of water: u 15-35 (UNE-EN 1745 tabulated value)
Thermal conductivity: 0.52-0.85 W / mK (UNE-EN 1745 tabulated value)
Apparent density in powder: 1400 ± 50 Kg / m³
Hardened bulk density: 1800 ± 50 Kg / m³
Mixing water: 12 - 18% of the mortar mass
Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1
Dry consumption: 1700 Kg / m³


Plastering of brick factories
Plastering of block factories
Floor screeds
Floor plasters
Field of application: Interior , exterior, walls and floors.

How to use

1. Apply on clean surfaces, free of dust, release agent, paint, plasters, easily disintegrable supports or any product that prevents the mortar from adhering.
2. The support must be free of water-soluble salts, which can affect not only the production of efflorescence, but also its adherence.
3. Likewise, care must be taken to moisten the surface of the support before applying the mortar and then water it as it hardens, especially if it is exposed to the sun or wind.
4. Do not use at temperatures below 5ºC, nor at temperatures above 35ºC. Also, do not apply outdoors in conditions of strong winds and rain.
5. Do not apply with bricks or pieces whose areas of adherence to the mortar are waterproof.
6. To mix, add the dry product to the recommended amount of water.


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