BEYEM BLANCO FIR adhesive mortar

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Improved conventional cementitious adhesive for interiors


BEYEM FIR BLANCO is an improved conventional adhesive mortar, formulated with a white cement base, selected granulometry mineral fillers and special additives to improve the workability and adherence of the material. Anti-hook. It allows the rectification of pieces. Indoor Environment Quality.


- Less handling and carrying of gripping materials.
- Less layer thickness and less dead weight of the adherent product on the structure.
- High water retention capacity.
- High adhesive power that translates into a remarkable mechanical resistance.
- High open time, allows the rectification of parts. does not pick up
- Greater finesse. High plasticity.
- High initial adhesion.


Laying of medium and high absorption ceramics in interior flooring and wall coverings. Ideal for covering and flooring interiors using small and medium-sized pieces of tiles and stoneware. Group IIb and III.


The useful supports for the application of BEYEM FIR BLANCO are:

- Conventional supports based on cement.
- Rendered with mortar.
- Concrete floors.

Support preparation

The previously indicated supports must be healthy, clean, free of traces of paint, poorly adhered parts or substances that may hinder adhesion. All supports must have adequate flatness. The support must not have clear humidity problems and, where appropriate, it must have completed its curing shrinkage, having respected its maturation period. In case of heat, wind or on highly absorbent supports, it is advisable to moisten the support and wait for the water film to disappear. Do not apply on plaster or paint.

How to use

Knead BEYEM FIR BLANCO with 6.75-7.75 liters of clean water per 25kg bag manually or with an electric mixer until a homogeneous, creamy and lump-free mixture is obtained. Let stand 5 minutes before application. The small format pieces are placed by "combing" the paste on the support with a 6x6 mm notched trowel. For formats larger than 400 cm2, an 8x8 mm notched trowel will be used. The tiles must be pressed until the adhesive grooves are crushed. The paste will spread on surfaces of approx. 1 m2 so that the time available between spreading the adhesive and placing the piece is less than the open time (20 to 30 minutes in normal conditions but can be reduced to 10 minutes in conditions of high temperatures and/or winds). It is convenient to check if the open time has expired or if the gluing is being correct, for this it is enough to place a piece and lift it from time to time to see if the adhesive remains adhered to both the support and the ceramic tile. A total wetting of the back of the tiles must be obtained.

important indications

- On plaster supports, use BEYEM FIR YESO.

- Do not apply on plastic, metal or wood.

- Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.

- Do not apply with risk of frost, rain, strong winds or direct sun.

- Leave joints with a minimum thickness of 2 mm between pieces and grout with BEYEM JUNTA UNIVERSAL/BEYEM JUNTA EXTRAFINA.

- In pavements larger than 30 m2, leave partition or division joints filled with a deformable material.

- In interior flooring with a surface area greater than 15 m2, it is recommended to leave a free perimeter expansion joint between the flooring and the wall or pillar, hidden by the skirting board.


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