Resin bonding bridge
  • Resin bonding bridge
  • Resin bonding bridge

Resin bonding bridge

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The bonding bridge resin is a product that improves the adherence of mortars, concrete, plasters or plasters to supports that, due to their low porosity or the passage of time, do not have a correct adhesion capacity.


The bonding bridge resin acts by previously preparing and improving the adherence of the surface for the application of the cementitious mortar. It is ideal as an adhesion bridge for plasters, mortars and stucco, being suitable for application on concrete, bricks, mortar, natural stone, fiber cement, etc.


- As a bonding bridge for mortars, both made on site, dry or pre-dosed.
- As a bonding bridge for plasters and casts.
- Unions of the partition with pillars.
- Adhesion layer for rendering.
- Adhesion layer for plastering.
- As a bond enhancer between new and old mortars and concretes.


- Excellent adhesion on all types of porous supports.
- Great adhesion on smooth surfaces with little surface absorption (smooth concrete, ceramics, etc.)
- It offers an excellent anchorage for the layers of mortars that are applied on it.
- Good mechanical properties, such as great hardness and resistance.
- Single component product.
- Applicable both outdoors and indoors on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
- Breathable to water vapor.
- Non-flammable water-based product that is easy to apply.
- Wide open time.
- Provides great cohesion and prevents dragging of aggregate and disintegration.
- Possibility of applying it with certain humidity.
- High stickiness time, facilitating the finishing work, without the need to continue the work immediately.

How to use

The product is supplied for application to use but it is recommended to shake before use. It can be applied with a brush, a stiff hair roller or a spray gun, leaving a continuous film. Once the primer has been applied, the next layer of mortar or plaster must be continued between half an hour and 48 hours. After this time there is a risk that too much dirt will be deposited on the surface and cause a loss of adhesion. Use water as a thinner/cleaner, avoiding excessive dilution.


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